The Mill Supreme Pasture Mix

Delivery fees may vary based on quantity and distance.  Please email or call for a quote on pallet or bundled items.  Flatbed deliveries of pallets, totes, bundled fence posts, gates and stall mats start at $50.00. 

For delivery options call The Mill of Bel Air, 410-838-6111. 

Your livestock will have three terrific species of highly palatable grass to choose from when grazing with this blend. The Mill’s Supreme Pasture Mix combines our toughest highest yielding Festulolium – Fojtan, early spring Festulolium – Hostyn and Amba Orchardgrass. Balin Kentucky Bluegrass is added to aid in the improvement of sod quality and help with reducing weed pressure. 

Supreme Pasture Mix contains: 

  •                   40% Fojtan Festulolium
  •                   30% Amba Orchardgrass
  •                   25% Hostyn Festulolium
  •                   5% Balin Kentucky Bluegrass

The Mill recommends testing soil before applying grass seed or fertilizer. A soil test analyzes available nutrients. With soil test results, our staff can provide recommendations for fertilizer, design a custom blend, and apply your blend with equipment small enough to fit through an 8-foot gate. Call one of our 6 locations to learn about soil testing and the services The Mill offers.

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