The Mill Horse and Livestock Pasture Mix

For livestock and equine producers that prefer Orchardgrass as the primary source of forage, The Mill’s Horse & Livestock Pasture Mix is the product of choice.  The orchardgrass varieties in this mix have been selected because of their palatability, soft supple leaves and the proper maturity range so that high-quality grazing with big yields can be realized during the entire grazing season.

The Mill’s Horse and Livestock mix provides a terrific source of high-quality forage and fast establishment. Its combination helps improve sod quality and reduce weed pressure. 

Horse and Livestock Pasture Mix

  •                   40% Olathe Orchardgrass
  •                   40% Amba Orchardgrass
  •                   15% Hostyn Festulolium
  •                   5% Balin Kentucky Bluegrass

The Mill recommends testing soil before applying grass seed or fertilizer. A soil test analyzes available nutrients. With soil test results, our staff can provide recommendations for fertilizer, design a custom blend, and apply your blend with equipment small enough to fit through an 8-foot gate. Call one of our 6locations to learn about soil testing and the services The Mill offers.

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