Solu-Cal Fast Acting Lime-HI CAL

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 Delivery fees may vary based on quantity and distance.  Please email or call for a quote on pallet or bundled items.  Flatbed deliveries of pallets, totes, bundled fence posts, gates and stall mats start at $50.00. 

For delivery options call The Mill of Bel Air, 410-838-6111. 

• Works Faster & More Efficiently Than Traditional Pelletized Lime.

Application Rates:Safe to use any time of year on all turf and landscapes. Apply up to 3 times/year. Calcium Maintenance: 50lb bag covers 10,000 sq.ft or apply at 225lbs per acre Soil pH Maintenance: 50 lb. bag covers 8,000sq.ft. or apply at 275lbs./acre. To increase soil pH levels: 50lb bag covers 4,000 sq.ft. or apply at 550 lbs /acre