Montys Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food

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Used by commercial produce growers across the country to maximize fruit and vegetable production from planting to harvest. Monty’s Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food can be used on all fruit and vegetable producing plants, from planting through production.

• Can be used on all vegetable crops and fruit trees
• Promotes a balance of growth & production
• Easy application – root feed or spray on
• Contains NPK with Boron and Zinc

When planting or transplanting, diluted product can serve as a starter fertilizer by applying to the soil after seeding (direct contact with seed is desirable and safe) or transplanting. Safe to apply on fruit and vegetable producing plants while fruit and vegetables are present.

Application Rates: May be applied weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the desired results. May be applied to the soil with a watering can, soaker hose or drip irrigation. May be foliar applied (misting of leaves) with pump-up or hose-end siphon type sprayer.

Spray in the early morning or evening when the threat of evaporation is diminished. Monty’s is rainfast in 2 hours. Monty’s Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food is a concentrated liquid plant food that should be diluted before using. Dilution rate is 1 ounce per 2-3 gallons of water.

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