Friskies Fish-A-Licious Canned Cat Food Variety Pack

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Friskies put four varieties of fish flavored wet cat food in one box! The Friskies Fish-A-Licious Value Pack gives you another reason to spoil your cat.

Includes 32 cans (5.5oz)

  • 8 With Whitefish & Sardines in Sauce 5.5 oz cans
  • 8 With Salmon In Sauce 5.5oz cans
  • 8 With Ocean Fish, Tuna & Cheese 5.5oz cans
  • 8 With Salmon & Beef in Sauce 5.5oz cans


Feeding Instructions:

Feed adult cats 3/4 – 1 oz per pound of body weight daily.  Divide into two or more meals.  Kittens need up to twice as much food as adult cats and should be fed all they will eat two or three times daily.


To learn more about the ingredients, nutrition and guaranteed analysis for these cans, please visit the following links:

With Whitefish & Sardines In Sauce

With Salmon In Sauce

With Ocean Fish, Tuna & Cheese

With Salmon & Beef in Sauce

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