In 2018, The Mill donated more than $42,840.00
to support youth in ag.

Kent High School Partnerships

We are excited to work with students in the agriculture, carpentry, and broadcasting departments at Kent High School.

Equine Relief Effort Donations

We want to thank the following partners for donating to the equine relief effort!

Purina  Triple Alfalfa Timothy Cubes bags

Absorbine  UltaShield EX gallons, Fungasol Spray, Fungasol Ointment, & Fungasol Shampoo

Animal Health International Vet Wrap, Banixx Spray, No Thrush, Thrush Buster, Furazone, Kopertox, Topical Fungicide & Betadine scrub

The Mill- Muck Tub, Cotton Rolls, Thrush Remedy, TriCare Wound Ointment, Wonder Dust, Blue Lotion & Clear Eyes

The Mill also donated pallets to the Fawn Grove Compassion Center to help transport items to North Carolina.

County Fairs

Proudly donating awards to Baltimore County 4-H's Pedal Tractor Contest