In 2018, The Mill donated more than $42,840.00
to support youth in ag.

The Mill of Kingstown Grand Opening Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Grand Opening in June. Congratulations to all of the prize winners!

  • Spreader/Grass Seed and Fert- Jim McConlogue
  • Annual Planter- Michele Milligan
  • L&G Cart with gift items- Deborah Amick
  • Poultry with light- Chance Pascale
  • Poultry with Incubator- Terri Fewlass
  • Wild Bird with large Droll Yankee Feeder- Cheryl Bish
  • Wild Bird- Robert and Maryann Skilling
  • Equine Muck cart- Jen Bedell
  • Equine Bucket- Mogie Muller
  • Zignature Dog Basket- Ruth Russ
  • Zignature Cat Basket- Heather Focht
  • Cat Crate- Mary Williams
  • Kong Basket- Mike Plummer
  • Rabbit Cage and Supplies-Jaime Orndorff
  • Dog Crate and Supplies- Debbie Crum
  • Fit Bit- Quinn Williams
  • Grill- Susan Ingersoll
  • Lawn&Garden cart with plants and pots- Todd Hursh
  • Sheep Feeder and Supplies- Carleigh Black
  • Cattle Supplies in Stock tank- Gina Lancaster
  • Pig Feeder and Supplies- Kate Deitzel
  • Goat Supplies and stock tank-Miki Edge

FFA Day 2019

The Mill welcomed the Maryland and Pennsylvania FFA Associations and their chapters to tour our facilities in April. The members were stationed at our seven locations to promote their organizations and fundraise. The Mill donated more than $1300 to these groups! Visit our FFA Day Page for more information.

4-H Day 2019

On May 11th (The Mill of Bel Air, Black Horse, Hampstead, Hereford, Red Lion and Whiteford) and May 18th (The Mill of Kingstown only), The Mill hosted its annual 4-H Day to support local clubs and raise awareness about the program.

Kent High School Partnerships

We are excited to work with students in the agriculture, carpentry, and broadcasting departments at Kent High School.

Equine Relief Effort Donations

We want to thank the following partners for donating to the equine relief effort!

Purina  Triple Alfalfa Timothy Cubes bags

Absorbine  UltaShield EX gallons, Fungasol Spray, Fungasol Ointment, & Fungasol Shampoo

Animal Health International Vet Wrap, Banixx Spray, No Thrush, Thrush Buster, Furazone, Kopertox, Topical Fungicide & Betadine scrub

The Mill- Muck Tub, Cotton Rolls, Thrush Remedy, TriCare Wound Ointment, Wonder Dust, Blue Lotion & Clear Eyes

The Mill also donated pallets to the Fawn Grove Compassion Center to help transport items to North Carolina.

County Fairs

Proudly donating awards to Baltimore County 4-H's Pedal Tractor Contest