The Mill strives to stay updated with the newest agricultural technology advancements.
Our goal is to help farmers make the best decisions based on their data
and the latest product and management recommendations.

Yield Data. Is data collecting dust on a book shelf somewhere, or still stuck in your combine? The Mill team has the capability to dive deeper to retrieve and analyze data more effectively and precisely than what can be interpreted from a paper map. We can draw valuable information with the R7® Tool to develop a field-by-field strategy for next season which allows for optimized ROI potential.


One of the features within the R7® Tool provides unbiased comparisons of variety performance across local, regional and national scales, allowing you to make the best decisions for your fields. Product placement is just as important as product selection. Data will help show how each variety responds to different cropping systems and various management scenarios. Another feature of the tool is utilizing satellite imagery to mitigate in-season risk. Field trends can be detected to foresee potential yield loss from nutrients, disease, insects, and weeds before they are seen by traditional field scouting or from the combine cab.


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The Mill's Agronomists can help you interpret your
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